Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Accidental Sex Writer: Adrie Santos

I found Adrie Santos's blog while on patrol for sexy images of naked bodies and chocolate pie. (That's Adrie in the pic, not me.) I didn't actually turn her site, "The Accidental Sex Writer" up while Googling for those things, but when I stumbled on her, I had to pass along the funniest blog entry I've read all day. Earlier this month, Adrie wrote about her site being hijacked by spammers, but these were no ordinary annoying dorks. No, these spammers were hyping bible studies.

I suppose the bible spammers thought they were doing God's (or whoever) work by hijacking a site that promotes healthy, fun, and natural interaction between consenting adults, but in the process they gave her a lot of grief. And me a lot of laughs, so maybe it was worth something for her trouble. Thanks, Adrie, for sharing this story. You made my day, so I think I need to add you to the growing list of bloggers I've fallen in love with. The Blue Android gives you a brief-but-hot lipsticky kiss.

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